Your Second Assignment


Design Stationery

Stationery is every company’s way of telling others who they are. Often, designers and clients underestimates the power they have over the perception of others when they create an organization’s stationery. Rather than thinking in terms of producing stationery that reflects the way a company sees itself, think along the lines of “How do they want others to see them?”.

It’s considerably easier to push the associations between perception and reality with stationery than it is in real life. Someone who is part of a two-person company who shows a well-designed bussiness card can leave its recipient with the same (or better) impression than someone else who shows a card from a multinillion-dollar corporation.

Assignment: You have designed a logo in the previous assignment. Now, incorporating their logo, design three different layouts to propose for each of these three elements of the company’s stationery:

1. Letterhead –8.5 inch x 11 inch sheets for letters.

2. Business-size envelopes–4.125 inches x 9.5 inches.

3. Business card–2 inches x 3.5 inches


  • All designs should be consistent.
  • Include business name, fax number, phone number, street address, mailing address, motto,…
  • You should use Illustrator to produce the final image of each design proposal.
  • You may use PhotoShop or other applications to create parts of what you produce in Illustrator.
  • Pay intention to where you place the address, email, Web URL, and telephone information in relationship to the logo.
  • Make room for and suggest a “tag line”(also called the company “slogan”) on every letterhead and business card design. An example:”Our customers are our top priority.”
  • Letterhead design may employ asymmetrical balance.
  • Print the final proposals at actual size
  • .gdi_left2.gif
  • Get Your Own Domain .ws


Pertandingan Cipta Logo Kolej RISDA

Salam Sejahtera,

Pihak pengurusan Kolej RISDA telah mengadakan pertandingan untuk merekacipta logo Kolej RISDA atas cadangan Pengerusi Ahli Lembaga Pengarah Kolej RISDA ke arah sebuah institusi yang korporat dan berdaya saing..

Berikut adalah syarat-syarat dan peraturan pertandingan:

  1. Terbuka kepada semua pelajar dan warga Kolej RISDA.
  2. Setiap penyertaan mesti melalui Pengurus Kampus masing-masing.
  3. Logo mestilah asli, tidak melebihi 3 warna(tidak termasuk warna hitam dan putih) dan tertera perkataan Kolej RISDA.
  4. Peserta boleh menghantar seberapa banyak hasil karya dengan menyatakan nama, email dan no. telefon.
  5. Penyertaan adalah dalam bentuk cetakan berwarna di atas kertas bersaiz A4 bagi setiap satu logo.
  6. Saiz logo yang dicetak di atas kertas A4 hendaklah berukuran sekurang-kurangnya setengah saiz A4 (11cm x 15cm).
  7. Rekacipta logo hendaklah mengambilkira konsep-konsep berikut:
  • Pusat kecemerlangan pendidikan tinggi.
  • Kualiti
  • Profesionalisme.

8. Tarikh tutup penyertaan 1 Februari 2007.

9. Logo yang terpilih tidak akan dikembalikan dan menjadi hak milikKolej RISDA. Hanya seorang pemenang akan diberi hadiah.

10. Keputusan juri adalah muktamad.
P/s: Pelajar yang mengambil subjek SMM 2306 diwajibkan untuk menyertai peraduan ini sebagai tugasan pertama anda semester ini. Markah akan di ambil untuk logo yang dihasilkan.

Yang benar,

D.R. Suke

Your First Assignment


  • Learn to see the shapes in typography and to begin to recognize fonts.
  • Use thumbnails to explore and evaluate alternative solutions.
  • Experiment with creating a logo.
  • Learn to manipulate tools and software.


  • Develop resourcefulness, adaptability, and creativity in learning and living.
  • Express yourself in the creativity of graphic design.
  1. Go to the library or anywhere and pick a books or anythings about logo designs to analyze. Write a one to two page analysis of the designer’s choice of color, type, imagery, and composition. Who is the target audience for this logo? What does the design tell you about the company? Is the design successful? If not, what would you do to improve the design? Bring the logo design and your paper to class.
  2. For critique, create at least 5 thumbnails, in any combination of pencils/pen-on-paper and computer generated. For computer generated thumbnails, arrange all of them on one or two pages, and then print up on 11″x17″ sheets.
  3. Mount your best design on a matte board. Remember that the quality of your mounting will count in your grade.
  4. You will also turn in your Adobe Illustrator file, optionally JPEG and GIF-formats for web site graphics, into the Art 330 Graphic Design Folder.

Ask at least three people what comes to mind when they think of the subject of your logo design. Record their answer and use this information to help generate ideas.


  • Communicative power: How well your design communicates its intended message.
  • The number of thumbnails you create.
  • Technical success at manipulating the software.
  • Presentation: Neat, Average, or Sloppy.

Ok guys, that for your 1st assignment.

Deu Date : Before First test(9 February 2007)

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